Joy of gravity , dripping from 5/F @ Morrison Hill IVE.

I was so obsessed on this stair once I have a visit to Morrison Hill IVE. I have an idea to develop the idea of water droplet even it just only five floors in total in this building. I assume that the droplet takes shorten time to travel from the top(5/F) to the G/f. Anyway, I would like to listen and see how long does a water droplet drip to the G/F in a performance setting!
It is my 2nd time that direct the performance with others, we learn a lot from each other! it is an amazing thing happen during the process of performance!
The setting of a water droplet is the original plan, in which I was thinking of something that responds to it and moves from the G/F to 5/F. So I hope to include Tama’s weaving action into this performance. She weaves the cloth in a normal tempo, but the weight of the yarn is a bit higher which hanged with some bells on it, so she needs more time to weave. I assume that the bell rings according to the action of weaving.
Besides, Tina is the one who focuses on the bell rings and her action on walking and the rotation of a marble on a plate, when she meet the water droplet, she will place the plate to catch those droplets. It is a simple rule for notation and human movement. That makes a certain tempo and yet would deliver an amazing moment with others in certain kind of moment.
For the interaction with Tam Man Ho, and I myself, we jammed a bit and I felt that he was used to playing sound with others. That is a great experience that improvises with youth. The experience is great and teachers also found how amazing he could perform in this situation.
Never the less, Thanks for Una! She gives a pop hand to help in handling the fish pole and rolling the radio back to the 5/th floor. An important timekeeper for the performance, though we adjust the time when we are playing.

In this piece, I was thinking of music composition through the arrangement of human actions, daily objects and spaces. I hope to deliver an other perspective of performing art for youth. I was so happy that a youth told me about how he felt about the performance. He said that he found the audience is being part of the performance as well when they are moving.
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