catch the wings of meteors

site specific installation @ kanabun cafe , Amino, Japan

About the festival:

a sound installation about electromagnetic wave.

“catch the wings of meteors” is a site-specific sound installation, which created during Around sound art festival 2014 artist-in-residency in Amino, Kyoto, Japan. The festival was host by soundpocket.

Kanabun cafe was located on one of the main traffic road in Amino, a town facing to Japanese sea at the northern part of Kyoto.There are thee sound sources amplified the electromagnetic wave from some electronic devices and the environment .In the first part of the installation, a dream catcher , a cable loops which being wired into a bicycle tire as a receiver for “catching” the sound of electromagnetic wave around that area. There are some high voltage cables being installed and expose upon the sky of the residential area in Japan. The receiver could “catch” the electromagnetic wave from those cables. The sound of it were in static high frequency level. Besides, the receiver would get the electromagnetic wave from the car, which passing by on the road. This outdoor sound event could be listened on the second floor of the café as well as the rest of the sound sources of the installation were located in there too.

The rest of the sound sources in the installation were created by the electromagnetic wave from a wacom board and a wi-fi router. The wacom board was put under a magazine .When the pen of the wacom board are stayed on a certain distance to the board, a sound like the buzz of cicada would be heard , which received by receiver due to the data transmission process of the pen and the board. Moreover,the buzz of insect would also be heard by receiving the electromagnetic wave from it.

These three kinds of sound sources could be head as a whole soundscape. It seems like to be in the nature , and yet would be in a artificial way .