A-I-R in Manila , Calvo Museum

During Transi(en)t MNL residency, I have experienced different soundscape in Manila. I always walked around in those crowded area likes Quipo, Divisor Market & Escolta area.
Those areas are full of people, cars, music played by loudspeakers.
It was in contrast with the soundscape in Rizal Park & Intamuros at 5am.
There I can hear birds singing on the trees, insects buzzing on the grass, chickens are crowing, the clock tower & church bells are ringing from near & far.
These soundscape remind me about life before the invention of machines.
I made use the recording in the morning as the sound sources of the small room in the Calvo Museum, which store a lot of document about 18th century.

From the second part of the museum and the corridor area, the movie posters, documents & photos about Escolta in 19th century are inspiring.
The recordings I played in this area were without sound editing.

The audience would hear those sound I recorded from the Radio by walking around the corridor of the museum.

On the floor , a Pot blended with sound circuit as a speaker to produce the sound when i was travel on the jeepney(local mini bus) . It reveals my feelings when i was in Manila.

Transi(en)t Manila

Art Critic by Yang Yeung
“Fiona Lee  in sounds she tires to understand”