when i was in a daze

kinetic installation (2015)

As I review the materials I have used for my works in the past several years, I realize that light and sound have been the most prominent. The reason is that they present multiple possibilities, and, intrinsic to them, are elements of the unknown.

Four years ago, a question popped up in my mind: “Does a light bulb make any sound?” Curiosity triggered my research of sound in fluorescent light bulbs, which became a series of sound performances. Then, I noticed the electromagnetic waves emitting from various electrical appliances, which sound like bug calls. I made use of this new discovery about nature in a sound installation. Recently, I found out about kinetic energy generated between sound and electromagnetic waves, which prompted me to start a new adventure. This journey seems like a linear one, progressing forward step by step. But for me, it is a back and forth experience. I learn during the process, from failure and trying again, which becomes a recurrent cycle before an exhibition opens.

In this work, I use the materials originating from my past works. As I bring them together and reveal their relationship with myself, I construct a new world. As I walk back and forth, I want to find out how deep and how far I can reach.


 回顧這幾年來的作品所運用的媒介,大多圍繞著光與聲音。原因始於它們多樣化的可能性, 以及內藏很多未知的元素。

從四年前的一個疑問“燈泡有沒有聲音”出發, 期間研究螢光燈所發出的聲音, 認識了電磁波,及後作聲音表演。然後又發現不同電器中發出來的電磁波聲音,像似昆蟲鳴叫。發現自然,令我創作了一個聲音裝置。最近又發現聲音與電磁波之間有著產生動能的關係,又開展了另一探索旅程。整個旅程像是線性向前一步一步進發,對我來說卻是來來回回。 從試探的過程中學習、失敗後再嘗試, 週而復始, 直到展覽開始。

此作品的物料源自過去四年裡的創作,透過連繫各種媒介以及顯現它們與我之間的關係, 從而建立另一個新世界。


Special Thanks to 1stopenergies , they invented the POE Votex Coil