“walking in a daze” CD demo


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walking in a daze (demo)

walking in a daze (demo)_listwalking in a daze (demo)_cd

walking in a daze (demo)


  1.  catch the wings of meteors 08:49
    sound installation @ amino, Kyoto, Japan
  2. overtone singing by tungsten spring 02:00
    the vibration of the tungsten spring in a light bulb is recorded by contact mic
  3. Paluxy River 05:07
    field recording by hydrophone in saiwan, HK & mixing with synthesizer
  4. vortex swimming 09:44
    magnet, glass bowls, vortex coil, frequency
  5. dancing fish in saiwan 02:19
    performance with bamboo & rocks in saiwan village waterfull, HK 2015


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