Selection by Tomoko Sauvage

Fiona Lee Wing-shan – From Civic Square to City Hall
DAY AFTER [Soundpocket]

Tomoko Sauvage – 483 – Electronic Explorations by Rob_Booth | Rob Booth

Tomoko Sauvage, Japanese musician and artist active since mid 2000’s, investigates the sculpturality of sound and improvisation in relation to the environment. Mainly known for a musical / visual research about ‘natural synthesizer’ of her invention, composed with diverse fluid, bowls, ceramic, light and underwater amplification, Sauvage’s approach is attached to questions of alchemy, meditation and balance between hazard and mastery.

• Akio Suzuki – Ha Go Ro Mo
Odds and Ends [Hören]
• Momus – Costume de Lapin
Cagesan – I Love Machine [Beaubrun]
• Fiona Lee Wing-shan – From Civic Square to City Hall
DAY AFTER [Sound Pocket]
• Native Instrument – Live Berlin Atonal – NK presents at OHM
soundcloud Native-instrument – Live-atonal-2
• Andrew Pekler – Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy
Tristes Tropiques [Faitiche]
• Alice Coltrane – Altruvista
A Monastic Trio [Impulse Records]
• Terry Riley – Music for the gift (Part 3)
Music For The Gift [Elision Fields]
• Theo Parrish – Summer Time Is Here
Parallel Dimensions [Sound Signature]
• Y.M.O. – Happy End
B.G.M. [Alfa]
• Felicia Atkinson – Monstera Deliciosa
Hand In Hand [Shelter Press]
• Killer Whales
Songs of the Whales and Dolphins [The Nature Company]
• T.R. Mahalingam – Thulasi Vilva
Ennadu Jootuno – Flute [Kosmik]
• Emmanuel Allard – L’Art Noir
Nouvelles Upanishads Du Yoga [Baskaru]
• Alvin Lucier – Music for Gamelan Instruments, Microphones, Amplifiers and Loudspeakers
Theme [Lovely Music]
• Akio Suzuki – Ha Go Ro Mo (replay)

I grew up with American-influenced Japanese pop music and classical piano training. Akiko Yano greatly influenced me to cultivate my passion for jazz. Also Tokyo in the 90’s was multicultural and I was listening a lot to soul, funk, brazilian and “world” music… When I moved to Paris after studying jazz piano in New York, I started to study Indian music (Paris has some Indian musicians via Pondicherry). Through Alice Coltrane and Terry Riley, I became interested in Indian music and that lead to the birth of my electro-aquatic waterbowls instrument. When I played my instrument using water drops in Japan, people said that it sounded like suikinkutsu – a traditional sound decoration system in Japanese tea garden – ceramic vase buried under the fountain. It’s like I made a round the world tour to find my own roots.

I loved the coincidence that made this playlist filled with singing birds – either accidentally recorded ones, synthesizers sounding like them or sampled sounds of a domestic bird (named Cagesan). Also Mahalingam’s flute is my favorite bird mimicry…

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