Fiona Lee & Jasper Fung Dou set @ Beta Night , Twenty alpha , Live streaming by HKCR

Beta Night of Twentyalpha HK @ Foo tak Building!
Live streaming by HKCR

It is the first duo of Fiona Lee & Jasper Fung. They were using coil and transducers for their sets , which combined with different daily objects. While Fiona Lee was making use the physics phenomenon of the electromagnetic field , which drives the magnet spinning in a glass bowl, Jasper Fung was using the sound of feedback to drive the transducers.

Those were exploring the alternatives ways of the use of “speakers” within this performance setting.

After Being There 京丹の後

22.11.2017 (Wed 三) 8:30pm

@ Desk-one 溫室
23/F, Chung Kiu Commercial Building, 47-51 Shantung Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

:: Participating Artists 參與藝術家 ::
Samson Cheung Choi-sang 張才生
Arumimi Hifumi 有耳非文
Fiona Lee Wing-Shan 李穎姍
Frank Tang Kai-yiu 鄧啟耀

From 28 August to 10 September 2017, soundpocket and Hong Kong-based artists Samson Cheung Choi-sangArumimi HifumiFiona Lee Wing-shan, and Frank Tang Kai-yiu travelled to Kyotango, Kyoto, Japan for a two-week residency titled “BEING THERE 2017”. Together with the participating artists from Japan, they explored art, sound, places, and space in the city of Kyotango. They also engaged in dialogue with the local residents while wandering around this lovely city on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

“After BEING THERE” is the extended programme of “BEING THERE 2017”, in which the four Hong Kong-based artists will present to and share with the Hong Kong audience works and ideas that are both reflections and expressions in response to their experiences in Japan.

聲音掏腰包與藝術家張才生有耳非文李穎姍鄧啟耀於本年度8月28日至9月10日期間曾到訪日本京都京丹後作為期兩周的駐留計劃「BEING THERE 2017」,期間聯同一眾來自日本的參與藝術家於京丹後市進行有關藝術、聲音、地方與空間之探索;他們在這個日本海沿岸城市遊歷之時,也與當地居民作交流分享。

《京丹の後》為BEING THERE 2017 的伸延活動:四位駐香港的參與藝術家將旅途的所見、所感、所想化成一次在地演出及一場演後分享會,回溯與回顧京丹後之旅的點滴。

Ticket Price 票價:$80/$60*
* Full time students. Please provide image of valid student card. 全日制學生,須出示有效學生證。

>>> Book tickets now 立即訂購門票 <<<

Tickets available at Desk-one and on the soundpocket website

Enquires 查詢:3954-5584 /

ftarri Jam

  1. Ftarri Jam (33:16)

Yuma Takeshita: electro-bass
Yuji Ishihara: drums
Atsushi Arakawa: electric guitar
Fiona Lee: DIY electronics, objects

高島正志:drums, G.I.T.M.
荒川淳:electric guitar
フィオナ・リー:DIY electronics, objects

Recorded live by Hiroyuki Ura at Ftarri, Tokyo, May 5, 2017
Mastered by Hiroyuki Ura


即興音楽専門のCDショップ / レーベル、Ftarri が東京、水道橋に実店舗を開いて5周年となるのを記念して発売するCDの第二弾。2017年5月5日、Ftarri でのコンサートに出演したミュージシャン5人が最後に全員でおこなった集団即興演奏、33分の全1曲を収録。福島県郡山市在住の高島正志 (ドラムス、エレクトロニクス) はドラマーであるとともに作曲家としても才能を発揮し、作曲と演奏で参加したCD『Astrocyte』を2016年に Meenna レーベルよりリリースしている。同じく郡山在住の荒川淳 (エレクトリック・ギター) は、大友良英との共作LP のリリースで即興音楽シーンでも話題を呼んだトリオ編成ロック・バンド、RedTemple のメンバーでもある。竹下勇馬 (改造ベース・ギター) と石原雄治 (ドラムス) は、共に東京を中心に活発な演奏活動をおこなっていて、ここ数年は、Tumo という名前でデュオ・プロジェクトも続けている。フィオナ・リー (自作エレクトロニクス、小物) は、近年注目を集める香港在住のサウンド・アーティスト。Asian Meeting Festival 2016 への出演をはじめ、既に数回来日公演をおこなっているが、Ftarri へはこの日が初お目見えとなった。おそらく最初で最後の希有な組み合わせ。それぞれの発する音の数々が重なり合い有機的に結合し、躍動感溢れる好演となった。200部限定、通し番号付き。

It’s been five years since Ftarri, an online CD shop and record label specializing in improvised music, opened a physical store of the same name in Suidobashi, Tokyo. This is the second title in a four-CD series celebrating the store’s fifth anniversary. The single 33-minute track is a group improvisation by all five musicians who appeared at Ftarri on May 5, 2017, performed at the end of the concert. Masashi Takashima (drums, electronics), who lives in the city of Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, is a talented composer as well as a drummer. He participated as a composer and player on the CD Astrocyte, which was released on the label Meenna in 2016. Atsushi Arakawa (electric guitar), who also lives in Koriyama, is a member of RedTemple, a rock trio which gained attention on the improvised music scene for its LP release in collaboration with Otomo Yoshihide. Yuma Takeshita (remodeled bass guitar) and Yuji Ishihara (drums) perform together frequently, mainly in Tokyo. For the past several years they have been performing as the duo project Tumo. Fiona Lee (self-made electronics, objects) is a Hong Kong-based sound artist who has recently been gaining widespread recognition. She has performed in Japan several times, including at the Asian Meeting Festival 2016, and this was her first appearance at Ftarri. The concert that day was probably the first and last by this rare combination of musicians. The many sounds produced by each of them overlapped and combined in an organic way in this lively and impressive performance. Limited edition of 200, consecutive numbering.

ftarri de solo

即興音楽専門のCDショップ / レーベル、Ftarri が東京、水道橋に実店舗を開いて5周年となるのを記念して発売するCDの第三弾。本作には、東京在住のすずえり、香港在住のフィオナ・リーという、自作楽器を操るふたりの女性サウンド・アーティストのソロ演奏、全2曲を収録。1曲目は、すずえりが2017年3月18日に Ftarri でおこなったライヴ演奏 (14分30秒)。自作楽器のほかにアップライト・ピアノ、トイ・ピアノ、各種小物を使用。一方のフィオナ・リーは、2017年5月5日、Ftarri でのライヴ演奏 (23分)。自作エレクトロニクス、各種小物、水を使用。両者とも、独自の楽器から個性豊かなサウンドを生み出し、彼女たちならではの唯一無二の音楽世界を構築することに成功している。200部限定、通し番号付き。

It’s been five years since Ftarri, an online CD shop and record label specializing in improvised music, opened a physical store of the same name in Suidobashi, Tokyo. This is the third title in a four-CD series celebrating the store’s fifth anniversary. The two tracks are solo performances by female sound artists who play self-made instruments. Track one is a live performance by Suzueri, which took place at Ftarri on March 18, 2017. In addition to self-made instruments, she uses an upright piano, a toy piano and various small objects (14 min. 30 sec.). Track two is Fiona Lee’s performance at Ftarri on May 5, 2017 (23 minutes) using self-made electronics, various small objects, and water. Both musicians produce highly individual sounds using unique instruments, and succeed in constructing singular musical worlds. Limited edition of 200, consecutive numbering.

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14 recurrences by Namiji

tide.hong kong: in transit

tide.hong kong : in transit is based on sensations of the sights and soundscapes of Victoria Harbour. The seashore platform in Whampoa is punctuated by holes which produce harmonic tones that shift with the tides. Lee’s works of art are derived from the intersection between installation and performance, and draw on a practice of listening to the world. In this site-and-time specific performance, the composite of the sound-making objects and human voices narrates subtle changes in environment .

This performance will be followed by “The Metamorphosis of Hung Hom,” a tour led by Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港. Once a centre of heavy industry, the neighbourhood has in recent years transformed into a mixed residential and commercial area. This tour will survey the old streets and stories of Hung Hom. The walking route will include cinemas, temples, factories and piers that form part of the history of Hong Kong.

Born in Hong Kong, Fiona Lee obtained her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Critical Intermedia Laboratory from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong. Her works of art are derived from the intersection between installation and performance. Her recent art practices and inspirations have come from the feeling of particular moments in her daily routine, which she explores as if it were a world of adventure. Her recent work focuses on the relationship between sound frequencies and electromagnetic fields.

Please rsvp to for exact location.

《潮.香港: 過渡》源自維多利亞港的視覺景觀及聲境帶來的感官 刺激。於黄埔海岸邊的堤道上注滿小孔,在潮汐漲退間產生各種和諧 的音調。藝術家的作品介於裝置與 行為表演之間,並從其聆聽世界的實踐中獲取靈感。本件作品將在特定的場域及時間內舉行。作品由物件發出的聲響以及人聲根據環境中細微的變化.

表演之後,由Walk In Hong Kong 活現香港組織的【紅磡蛻變之旅】將帶領參加者走入舊時紅磡 。紅磡歷盡不同年代的變遷,由昔日作為重工業中心,電廠、船塢及工廠林立,蛻變成今天的住宅及商業區。 導賞路線將經過紅磡的廟宇、電影院、工廠、以及船塢,沿途想像及尋回香港的歷史足跡。

李穎姍生於香港,畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,主修批判性跨媒體實驗室。 過去的作品以裝置和表演為主。現階段她的作品多依循當下對生活的感受為主,在日常生活中以一個獵奇的方式探索一個地方的可愛之處,以聆聽作為跟世界與自身連結的一個重要渠道,感受每一刻的流動。近期作品主要有關聲音頻率與電磁場的關係。


This event is presented as a public programme of In Search of Miss Ruthless, an exhibition that was chosen from an international pool through Para Site’s Emerging Curators program, now in its third year. For more info about the exhibition:


ART CAMP TANGO 2016 Performance

14 recurrence [The debut performance of the sound-playing trio ] @ Art Culture Outreach (ACO) [Sound on Site]





入場費 Admission: $50

ACO Sound on Site: 14 recurrence
The debut performance of the sound-playing trio Namiji

In the same fleeting moment with the engaging participants, the objects are gradually rising and being dropped rapidly in order to create the bouncing ripples. Namiji makes use of those movements to create the distance among expectations, as a result to enhance the vertical circulations within the stair by manipulating the sound and the air. The stair looks like a wiggling vertical tunnel, so as to find the connections between vertical movements and horizontal rotations. The trio performs between well-planned arrangement and improvisation, in which they are looking for the echoes assembled by the interactions between people & objects. Those echoes developed as if they are driving a certain kind of state of purity.

Namiji Members:
Samson Cheung, Fiona Lee & Wong Fuk Kuen

About Namiji:

Namiji is formed by Samson Cheung, Fiona Lee and Wong Fuk Kuen. The fundamental initiation of forming the group is inspired by the trio’s common ground in their spatial sensibility. They search and discover the intangible and seemingly non-existenting aesthetics with certain distance and speed, in between here and there. Namiji is where those abstract concepts being practised and executed in form of performance, installation, field recording and journal about their senses towards different spaces, based on their fundamental initiation. Namiji could be a hub for practising, in round shape.



*座位有限, 入場請早

About ACO Sound-on-Site

Sound-On-Site is a site specific program presented by ACO (Art & Culture Outreach), we aim to develop an intimate and meaningful dialogue between the specific space, the artists and the audiences, and at the same time, create an inspiring art enjoyment experience for the audiences.

*Limited seats, first-come-first-served

主辦 Organized by: Art and Culture Outreach|艺鵠

查詢 Inquiry: 28934808/

Re-Records & JOLT Presents The Book of Daughters

Re-Records & JOLT Presents The Book of Daughters

April-22, 2017
Time: 20:00
Venue: Focal Fair
Address: 28/F, Park Avenue Tower, 5 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ticket: HK$130 (at door only)


Presented by JOLT & Re-Records

Co-organized by SECOND

THE BOOK OF DAUGHTERS is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

THE BOOK OF DAUGHTERS is supported by the City of Melbourne Arts Grants Program.

THE BOOK OF DAUGHTERS has been assisted by the Australian government through the Department of Communication and the Arts’ Catalyst —Australian Arts and Culture Fund.

Program & Ticketing enquiries:

Web site:

川のほとりで @ 両国門天ホール


第1回両国シネマ天丼 <シネ天>




鈴木 昭男 Akio Suzuki | サウンド・アーティスト
1963 年、名古屋駅中央線ホームの階段で行われた「階段に物を投げる」のパフォーマンスで音の世界に目覚め、 1970 年にエコー音器「ANALAPOS」を創作。1978 年、パリのフェスティヴァル・ドートンヌにて 海外で初めてのパフォーマンスを行う。1988 年、子午線上の京都府網野町で「日向ぼっこの空間」 を発表し一日自然の音に耳を澄ます。1996 年に開始した街のエコ-ポイントを探る「点音(おとだ て)」プロジェクトを世界 30 都市以上で開催。ドクメンタ8(1987, ドイツ)、ドナウエッシンゲン 現代音楽祭(1998, ドイツ)、大英博物館(2002, イギリス)、ザツキン美術館(2004, フランス)、 AV・フェスティバル(2014, イギリス)、など、世界各地の美術展や音楽祭に招待されている。

フィオナ・リー Fiona Lee | サウンド・アーティスト
香港出身。日々の生活の特定の瞬間に生じる感覚から得たインスピレーションによって作品を創作し、インスタレーションとパフォーマンスを用いた表現を行う。「聴くこと」によって、自身と世界をつなぐ関連が創られる と考えている。近年は、音の周波数と電磁場の関係に焦点を当てた創作を行う。音と光によるパフォーマンス「delight」は台湾、韓国、マカオ、香港で上演された。2016 年アジアミーティングフェスティバル(東京)に音 楽家として招聘。インスタレーション作品とパフォーマンスは、日本、マニラ、ソウルなどの国際フェステバル に多数招待されている。

宮北 裕美 Hiromi Miyakita | ダンサー・アーティスト
兵庫県伊丹市出身 京丹後市網野町在住。イリノイ大学芸術学部ダンス科卒業。「動かないダンス」と「モノそのものの動き」を追い続けてゆくうちに、即興パフォーマンスや視覚芸術の可能性を探り始める。2011年より鈴木昭男と共にサイトスペシフィック・パフォーマンスを続け、愛知県芸術劇場(2014)、ImagoDeiフェスティバル(オーストリア、2014)、岡山県立美術館(2015)などで上演している。近年、ダンサーとして活動してきた固有の時間感覚や空間感覚を美術表現へと持ち込み《Permanent Red》(2015、MediaShop、京都)《point A ⇄ point B》(2016、ozasahayashi_project、京都)などのインスタレーションを発表。Art Camp Amino2014/ ART CAMP TANGO 2016にアーティスト・キュレータとして参加。

電話/FAX: 03-6666-9491(電話は平日の13:00〜17:00)

料金 前売3000円 当日3500円 門天会員1割引


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